Sitemap - 2021 - Machine Learning Ops Roundup

Issue #29: State of AI. Kaggle ML Survey. ML Deployment at Reddit. Inferentia.

Issue #28: MAD Landscape. Covid-19 Border Testing. Blocking Spam@Slack. Applying ML. Scikit-learn 1.0.

Issue #27: Medical Imaging Challenges. Machine Unlearning. Managing Supply and Demand. AI Sandbox.

Issue #26: Concept Drift. Anomaly Detection with Self-Supervision. NLP in Legal Applications. Models Per Customer?

Issue #25: Tesla AI Day. Feature Stores. NIST on AI bias. Model monitoring tips. AI and COVID.

Issue #24: AI at Porsche. Efficient Inference. Bootstrapping Labels. Nearest-Neighbor Benchmarks.

Issue #23: AI Regulations. Efficient Active Learning. Model Health Assurance. Vertex Matching Engine.

Issue #22: Github Copilot. CI/CD for ML at Scale. Concept Drift in Healthcare. Behavioral Testing.

Issue #21: Selecting MLOps Capabilities. Continuous Delivery For ML. Static Language Modelling. Sharing Data with AWS.

Issue #20: AI Playbook. Curating Data. MLOps Resources. ML for Covid.

Issue #19: MLOps Tooling. Vertex AI. Explainable ML in Deployment. Algorithmic Justice.

Issue #18: MLOps on Coursera. #datalift. Long-tail events. Teaching AI to Forget.

Issue #17: FTC Guidance on AI. Feature Store vs Data Warehouse. #datalift. Unsupervised Dataset Generation.

Issue #16: EU AI regulations. Data-centric AI. Scale Transform 2021. Explainability via Memorization.

Issue #15: AI for self-driving at Tesla. HuggingFace meets AWS. Embedding Stores. ML and Databases.

Issue #14: AI Index Report 2021. Multimodal Neurons. AI Infra Alliance. Similarity Search

Issue #13: Feature Stores. Information Leakage. AWS Well-Architected Framework. Covid & ML.

Issue #12: Data Cascades. Flask vs FastAPI. AWS Well-Architected Framework. Data Leakage.

Issue #11: Big Ideas 2021. ML Test Score by Google. Security for ML Systems. BudgetML.

Issue #10: ML Lessons at AI meets Physics. Insights from Google Medical AI.

Issue #9: MLOps Tooling Landscape. AI Provisions for National Defense. Few Shot Learning. Upcoming ML Events.